Taking the time for love.

We successfully introduce couples to the art of loving.

Tantric inspiration for lust and love. Learning and experiencing secrets of true encounter.

For couples who want to feel and strengthen the connection between the heart and the sexual energy, who are curious and courageous and who have the desire to make an inspiring experience to enrich their love life.

Expand your self awareness and discover your energetic potential and get new ideas and impulses.

That way both of you inspire your ability to love on many levels. We assist you with our tantra ritual in leaving behind gridlocked rolls, patterns and mechanisms and in discovering a new, vibrant, sensual capacity to love.

You get the erotic, lusty and unifying ritual, starting from two hours,  together in one room. It is your choice wether you want to be massaged by a woman or a man. From our experience we recommend to receive the couple ritual on your first visit in separate rooms, because like this it will be much easier for everyone to remain with himself respectively herself and to experience of the essence of tantra.

The ritual includes a preliminary and follow-up talk. Please schedule 40 minutes extra time.

Please make a reservation 3 to 5 days prior to your desired date.

Important: On the first time we recommend separate rooms, because then everyone has the chance to experience the ritual entirely for themselves and to stay with themselves. Only those who can stay with themselves completely, are then also able to be with the other person, that it to say to love! Subsequently it is possible to witness the effects for about 10 minutes in intimate togetherness.

  • Luxury massage couple ritual: 2 hours

    Pure luxury for two souls in unity. Together experiencing something new in this tantra adoration ritual. Couples can get massaged in separate rooms or together in one room..

    Price: 400 euros

  • De-luxe couple ritual: 2.5 hours

    Sexual desire, sensuality, eroticism and energy of the heart combined in one tantra ritual. Experience your potential and learn something new about yourself in this sensual enjoyment of body, mind and soul. Heart and desire, feel the connection between love and sexuality.

    Price: 500 euros

    Surcharge of € 100 for a shared room.
    For the couple massages it is recommended to timely register by telephone. Please pay cash.

  • Tantric touch coaching for couples

    Personal introduction to tantric touch 5 hours per couple

    Price: 500 euros

    Upon request, forwarding to a sexologist for questions about sexuality and relationship..

Taking the time for love!

The quality of our sexual life and our ability to merge together with our mate also depend on how well we communicate with our partner on the verbal, nonverbal and tactile level. This is learnable. A perfect combination between practical, perceivable Tantra and clarifying conversations or coachings in the field of sexuality and relationship conducted by a coach or sexologist.

Workshop for couples & singles

Learning the original tantra massage ritual of 2 hours in an intensive seminar - without the intimate massage. It is possible to learn it later on in an advanced course.

Feeling happiness

Take a weekend to touch and to be touched.

For women, men and couples. The full body massage ritual invites you to sensual enjoyment, for all who want to share the pleasure and joy of giving and receiving, of exploring and experiencing. In an attentive, creative and playful way you will touch with your hands, your body, with scarves, feathers and furs and you will also be touched. In doing so you find access to the language of your hands and your body and you will acquire a fund that you can fall back on.

For couples who have the wish to feel and to strengthen the connection between the heart and the sexual energy. Just for all the persons who want to enhance their sensuality and self-awareness. In the seminar we will work both with tantric massage tradition and with western grips. Tantra cultivates the senses to the point of recognizing our sexual power in its entire range, so that we can use it for our health, creativity, spiritual growth and our presence of mind.

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For more information and registration +49 (0)40 410 44 66