Become passive in the action and active in the feeling. An orgasm during a tantric journey is coming out of a deep relaxation. So intense and powerful, rather than just briefly, like a volcano and tense without control.

For all the massages please calculate approximately 15 minutes extra time for: preliminary talk, changing clothes, showering and witnessing the effects.

  • Classic: 1.5 hours

    Let yourself be carried into the soulful world of Tantra through the art of touch by professional hands.

    Price: 175 euros

  • Luxury: 2 hours

    Finally a timeout! Give yourself two hours filled with sensuality and eroticism and a lot of tantric surprises! This is the best introduction to get to know Tantra in its essence. Get the feeling!

    Price: 200 euros

  • Deluxe: 2.5 hours

    Surprise luxury ritual. Very intense! Pure luxury for you, your body and your soul. You will relax very deeply, recharge your batteries and then feel absolutely at ease with your natural virility. You‘ll never forget!

    Price: 250 euros

  • Super Deluxe: 3 hours

    A short holiday! Very intense tantra ritual. A relaxing, sensual, wild, erotic and pleasurable journey to yourself. Lightly and playfully towards ecstasy ... including extra-long intimate ritual.

    Price: 300 euros

  • Tantra dream! The 4-hand massage!

    Two women at the same time massage and pamper your whole body. This is a very special kind of ritual! And we have specialized in four-hand-gourmet massages. That means two times more fun, pleasure and sensuality. Also the intimate ritual is doubled and in this vein a very high energy level is created together with the team. Best chances to come completely into your natural male power. A truly captivating experience!

    Price: 4-hand Classic 1.5 hours 350 euros
    4-hand Luxury 2.0 hours 400 euros
    4-hand De-Luxe 2.5 hours 500 euros

  • Blind Date! 1.5 to 3 hours

    The essential is invisible to the eye. Be curious, be open and let us surprise you with this playful tantra ritual.

    Price: from 150 to 300 euros

Each of our massage offerings already includes an intimate ritual. The duration varies according to the length of the massage. If desired, the treatment can be finished with the "Big Draw" (tantric exercise).

Additional extras:

  • Anus - Prostate massage: Price: 50 euros

    Anal temptation! Implosive full body orgasm possible. Lustfully and a healthy at the same time. Details will be discussed personally in the preliminary talk.

  • Lingam massage: Price: 50 euros

    Extra long

  • Extra follow-up coaching: Price: 30 euros

    Extra follow-up coaching


    Tantric exercise

We also heartily welcome:


In order to discover themselves, to get to know themselves better and for improved embodiment.


Bringing you into an intensive vitality with loving touch.

Handicapped persons:

Without judgement we introduce you to Tantra. With loving dedication, respect and professionalism we meet one another. Cheer up!

Cancer patients:

We already have accompanied cancer patients professionally and carefully.

Gift coupons

The perfect present of well-being - as a surprise or for the enrichment of the partnership. Different variants are available at our place. Everbody will be pleased to get such a gift coupon and you do something good to your loved ones. We are located in Hamburg at Rothenbaum in Harvestehude. You can contact us every day from 9am till 9pm - including Sundays and public holidays - at the following telephone number 040 410 44 66. No emails please! We kindly request cash payment only. Since we always need some time to individually prepare your visit and the surprises, we kindly ask you to make an appointment ahead of time by phone. We are located 20 minutes from Hamburg Airport, 10 minutes from Hamburg Central Station and 2 minutes from the metro line U1, Klosterstern.