The bliss of feeling!
Let love bring out your inner beauty.

Finally time for me! A rendezvous with myself.
We have prepared a wonderful tantric space for you where you can experience joy and healing with professional, authentic tantra masseurs.                                  
Pure luxury for you, your body and your soul. Relax very deeply, recharge your batteries and feel well and beautiful within your femaleness.                                           Do you want to go all the way with us?
Relaxed, happy facial expressions, feeling comfortable in your own body, radiating self-confidence and optimism - that is what every woman desires. Therefore our full body massage has been especially developed by a woman for women.

The loving, sensual and empathetic massage ritual with tantric elements is devoted to the whole body - but especially to the face, the décolleté and the female intimate area. During the intimate massage we use tantric grips in its purest natural form. With loving care and presence we awake and guide the sexual energy (our most powerful vital energy) and intuitively we respond to you. Of course you can always say "Stop!" or we go all the way together, sensually and lustfully, including massage of the G-spot and the pelvic floor. When your body is connected with your heart, the soul gets deeply touched. Great healing power!

After the accommodation and a welcome drink professional hands pamper you with playful, sensual, gentle and powerful massage movements from classical massage, Tao and Tantra. You can let go deeper and deeper - from moment to moment, from one touch to another.

With Tantra it is possible to create within the shortest time an unimagined proximity, which in turn may support the healing process. You come into your powerful, natural potential. You create a vibrant relationship with your body, your emotions and your health. Regular massages lead via a saturated, flowing body awareness to more self-confidence and spontaneous, natural behavior in encounters. Bright eyes are like an invitation.

Tantra can be used as an adjunctive therapy (to a conversational therapy):

  • in case of alienation within the relationship (sexual apathy)
  • when the sex and the heart are disconnected from each other
  • for all those who wish for more openness and devotion, who want to live the present moment and experience sexual ecstasy
  • for women who after pregnancy can no longer allow the habitual proximity to their partners
  • for rape victims, who can not endure anyone's hands no longer


We accompany you in the process of getting to know your body, to love it and to accept yourself.
You always have the option to say "Stop!".

Nourishing products matching your skintype actively assist the deep relaxation and make your visit a special treat for skin, body and soul, so that you can master your daily grind with ease and enjoy a life filled with fun, passion and sensuality.

Your body. Your soul. Your rituals.
For all the massages please calculate approximately 30 minutes extra time for: preliminary talk, changing clothes, showering and witnessing the effects.

  • Venus-Tantra-Gold: 2 hours

    Delightful pampering ritual: Finally some time only for you! Simply the best introduction to Tantra in its essence!

    Price: 200 euros

  • Venus-Tantra-Diamond: 2.5 hours

    Sexual desire, sensuality, eroticism and energy of the heart combined in one tantra ritual. Experience your potential and learn something new about yourself in this sensual enjoyment of body, mind and soul. Heart and desire, feel the connection between love and sexuality.

    Price: 250 euros

  • Venus-Tantra-Healing: 2.5 hours

    Journey of discovery, deepening your sexual desire and the beginning of a healing process. Natural touch in its purest form with an attentive intimate massage (Yoni and G-spot)

    Price: 250 euros

  • Venus-Tantra-Healing: 3 hours

    Journey of discovery, deepening your sexual desire and the beginning of a healing process. Natural touch in its purest form, with a long, attentive intimate massage (Yoni and G-spot). With guidance and instruction (if desired), extra coaching session included

    Price: 300 euros

  • Yoni massage extra long:

    Healing chances

    Price: 50 euros

  • 4-hand massage - conducted by a man and a woman: 1.5 to 2.5 hours

    Dream Tantra!

    From head to toe you will be accompanied by female and male energy. A gentle, intense and erotic journey of massage, touch, energy and breathwork. Cheer up!

    Price: from 350 to 500 euros

  • 4-hand massage - carried out by two women: 1.5 to 2.5 hours

    Two female tantra practicioners impart their skills, their pleasure and passion in this tantra-adoration-ritual. Affectionately and playfully we will introduce you to the art of tantra.

    Price: from 350 to 500 euros

  • Extra follow-up coaching:

    30 minutes

    Price: 40 euros

We love the fine art of giving!

The fact is, for most women their femininity and healing their sexuality are not a priority. Everything else is more important, such as: relationship, children, career, recognition, power, money, sex, consumption, etc. This will remain like this until the woman makes a conscious decision to break free from the suction of the collective in order to go her own way. Tantra is a great support on this new way. We will gladly accompany you! Cheer up!

Touch & Spirit pure

The sensual massage ritual with no intimate massage

If you don‘t feel confident enough for the tantra ritual with intimate massage, you can get the whole ritual without intimate touching and genital massage. It is far more intense than a spa massage, because it will already be given in a tantric way.

  • Venus - Touch & Spirit pure

    1.5 hours Sensual full body massage

    Price: 120 euros

  • Venus - Touch & Spirit pure

    2 hours Tender luxury, intensive full body massage

    Price: 150 euros

  • NEW: Lomi Lomi and Tantra together

    A traditional Hawaiian massage combined with Tantra

    Price for 2 hours: 200 euros
    Price for 2.5 hours: 250 euros

For all the above massages, we use high quality, nourishing gels, creams and oils - on request with or without natural fragrant essences.